I like to use my creative problem-solving mind to work at the intersections of business, culture and education.

Communication is the connecting thread between those fields for me and

big questions, blank spaces and complexity make me thrive. 

culture design

With culturedesign.org I'm creating a home for the much-needed work on culture design in organizations of all shapes and formats. 

  • It’s a brand for me and collaborators to work on all challenges related to culture design by coaching, training and developing products, services and new formats. 
  • It’s a growing digital content resource with all topics related to culture: leadership, mindset, relationship, emotional intelligence, empathy, strategy, brand, tech tools, methods. 
  • It’s a rooftop for events on all topics related to culture design across the world.

my background 

I have been educated and worked at the intersection of business & education innovation in different capacities in Germany, US, Peru, India and Mexico in the past 10 years and have graduated from one of the most innovative Business programs in Germany at the Alanus University of Arts and Social Science, gained a qualification as a Business Trainer at the TAM Trainer Akademie and certification in Design Thinking at the HPI School of Design Thinking. I have a track record of training, facilitating and teaching corporate managers, university students, school children and startup teams since age 16. 

For the past four years, I  got an accelerated deep dive into the world of startups when joining the mHealth company Mimi Hearing Technologies as their first employee. The first-hand experience on the successes and pitfalls of developing an innovative tech product, building a successful company, growing the team and creating a nourishing culture while experimenting with the Holacracy system for self-organization, are unparalleled.  

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