Hello THere

I'm Eva-Maria Zoll

I have a bit of an obsession with understanding people. 

I’m fascinated by the way we humans do relationships, work with each other and how we use language and words in order to try to understand each other, build business and invent products and services. 


I am a Creative Mind and Strategist,

I like to solve problems and thrive when you put a big problem on a blank space in front of me.

enjoy working as a Business & Culture Design Consultant,

How do we work with each other and build excellent companies? These questions have motivated me to found culturedesign.org to support companies of all sizes to design company culture.

develop and execute Communication Strategies for innovative products,

I'm fascinated by the power of language. I translate vision into words, develop communication and product messaging and shape product, strategy and brand identities.

facilitate and coach people

Facilitating teams, unlocking potential and help people engage with themselves and with each other is one of my all time favorite things to do.

and write.

Find my words, thoughts, reflections here. https://medium.com/@evamariazoll


If you want to talk or take over the world with me, message me here