Eva-Maria is the co-founder of culturedesign.org & belong.community.

She pioneers and innovates in the field of Culture Design since 2018 and is passionate to create healthier work environments. She is an expert in team culture & learning experience, a business innovation consultant, and a seasoned facilitator and teacher with over 18 years of experience. 

Eva-Maria is a graduate of Germany’s most innovative Business school, Alanus University, a certified Design Thinker at the HPI d.school in Berlin, a BDVT certified business trainer and member of Sandbox, a global community for young innovators. 

Having co-build the award-winning health tech company, mimi.io as the first employee led her to understand the importance and possibility of shaping the culture DNA of a team early on. It did also show her the lack of resources for teams on understanding how to shape team culture from day one.  

The experience of having worked in a variety of different work environments, having lived and worked in countries such as Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, India, Peru, USA, and her ongoing own research gives her a unique and sharp perspective on understanding power dynamics in teams and being able to put words to the often invisible layer of culture. 

Eva-Maria works with clients coming from all around the world and when she doesn’t explore countries herself, she currently lives in Frankfurt. 

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Meanwhile, please reach out to me directly at hello@culturedesign.org if you are interested in Facilitation Services, Team Development Training & Leadership Coaching.